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Full Barista Course

This is a course for everyone who would like to dive into what it is to be a barista or those who wish to develop their barista skills even more. You'll learn the basics of tasting coffee, the origin of coffee, brewing theory, milk steaming techniques and preparing espresso and filter coffee. Further, you will learn to taste coffee and taste the difference between a good and an excellent cup and see how you present each individual coffee at its best.

Latte Art

Latte art is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding skills to master as a barista. This course will focus purely on refining your milk and latte art skills. Designs covered will include hearts, tulips and rosettas. This is a fun and casual course for those with at least basic experience on the coffee machine.

Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is one of the easiest and purest ways to enjoy quality coffee. With the proper training and equipment, anyone can produce clean, balanced and delicious filter coffee in the cafe or at home.

Coffee Varietals


Caturra is a cultivar from Brazil and is a mutation of Bourbon which is much higher yielding. The tree will not reach the same height as Bourbon and is sometimes referred to as a semi-dwarf plant making it much easier to hand pick the ripe cherries.


This varietal is a hybrid of Mundo Novo and Caturra and is highly resistant to natural elements that coffee trees face at higher altitudes. It originated in Brazil but is now widely planted throughout Central America.


This is probably one of the most easily recognised varietals due to the unusually large size of bean which are sometimes referred to as ‘elephant beans’.

Tips For Making A Good Cup Of Coffee

Use Fresh, Whole Bean Coffee
A big part of what makes the coffee smell and taste so complex and delicious is the presence of aromatic compounds in roasted coffee beans. Immediately after roasting, these compounds begin to escape from the bean in a process called degassing — taking a lot of flavour with them! Using only fresh coffee and grinding right before you brew will help ensure you get the most flavorful cup out of your beans!
Use A Scale
Using a scale lets you measure by weight (instead of volume), which helps make sure that no matter what coffee you’re using, you know exactly how much of it is going into your cup.
Use The Right Amount of Coffee
The amount of coffee you use in relation to the amount of water you brew with is what determines how strong or weak a cup of coffee will be. The more coffee you use, the stronger the cup, and the less coffee you use, the weaker the cup.


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Coffee Maegri Co-Founder

Coffee Maegri is an award-winning company with a focus on knowledge, sustainability, and having a good time doing what we love. We are united with our passion for coffee, which inspire us for further work. All of our courses are certified.

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